Internet Message Board System for Windows


What if you could offer Web Message Boards from your server that required no programming experience, no CGI skills, and you could do it all using only your Web Browser? You can now!

Web Message Boards are essential for most Web sites. With a minimum of maintenance they provide interactive and variable content that will draw visitors back to a site again and again to participate in discussions, make inquiries, or seek customer service.

As the Administrator of Alert Post-A-Board you can...

  • Increase E-Income by offering Message Boards to clients and customers, thus helping them to build visitor loyalty on their own sites.

  • Take advantage of our unique Icon Mini-Ad capability to provides a further income stream.

  • Set up Message Boards in under five minutes... No CGI, API, or programming skills needed.

  • Post-A-Board runs as an independent Message Board Server alongside your Web Server. Just install Alert Post-A-Board on your machine and create Message Boards!

  • Offer Message Boards formatted as "Open To All", "Private Self-Signon", or "Private By Invitation Only".

For the Manager/Moderator of each Message Board created, Alert Post-A-Board has extensive tools for board and message maintenance:

  • Customizable Message Board Appearance - Choose from 12 color schemes.

  • Display unique Titles, Return Links, and Background images for each board.
  • Adjustable Message Filtering capability keeps unwanted expletives and obsene language off of the message board.
  • Definable "QuickMenu" drop down menu for convenient links to other Web pages or Message Boards of a similar subject.
  • Definable Text/Icon Mini-Ad capability for posting advertisements or announcements at the top of a Message Board.
  • Message Management that includes the ability to Edit message text, message subject, sender name, and sender email address.
  • Auto-Archive feature stores old messages at intervals the manager specifies.
  • "IPs To Deny" security feature helps keep unwanted visitors from a Message Board.
  • For Private Message Boards, a User Database Management panel that allows manual adding, editing, and deletion of user records.
  • Automatic password generation and email notification to visitors of Private Boards.
  • Message Board Statistics panel.

For Message Board Visitors, Alert Post-A-Board Message Boards are fully-featured Web style Message Boards, yet they are simple enough for all visitors to participate immediately...

  • Visitor's love Post-A-Board's easy, up-front point-and-click navigation. Complicated instructions are not necessary, there no confusing icon commands to learn. Just visit, read, and post messages!

  • Threaded Message List Display allows speedy identification of interesting messages.
  • Messages are viewable by date posted, messages left within the last two days, or by thread.
  • Alert Post-A-Board automatically hyperlinks URLs and email addresses entered in the body of a message.
  • Message Search capability.
  • Message Archive storage with search capability.
  • Archived messages can even be Replied to!

Download the free 2 Message Board License version today and see how easy it really is!

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