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Alert WildCard Search & Replace is an invaluable tool for Webmasters, Site Designers, and Web Developers alike.

With WildCard you can search any Text or HTML file for any text string, then replace that text string with alternate text you enter into the program. Additionally, you can search for a single line of text or multiple lines of text containing carriage returns, and enter replacement text consisting of multiple lines as well.

  • Automatic Search and Replace or Confirm Each Replacement with an option to enter alternate replacement text on the fly - or to open and edit the Web page itself.

  • Change Web page Titles, META Tags, HyperLinks, and other content automatically throughout your Web site.

  • Our unique Wildcard Feature allows you to search for any target text string within another text string in a Web page.

  • Exclusion Settings allow you to set the program to ignore folders, files, and text strings that you don't want modified.

  • Alert WildCard's extensive Back Up Manager protects against search and replace errors, automatically backing up all files and folders modified during a search. To undo your search, just click the "Restore" button.

  • Our built-in Upload Manager (Professional version only) allows you to immediately update your Web site with the files modified during a search.

Using Alert WildCard's wildcard feature allows you to search on any text located between text boundaries that you specify. For example, you could change all of the TITLE tags in your site entering "<TITLE>*</TITLE>" as your search target text.

The program will replace all occurances in all files in the folders you specify automatically - or you can view each occurance and confirm replacement manually. You can even enter alternate replacement text on the fly, ignoring the replacement text you originally entered. You can even open the file with the target string for editing in Windows' Notepad.

Alert WildCard's Backup Manager protects your Web files by backing up all modified files and folders affected by the search and replace operation. There's even an Upload Manager that will update your site automatically with the Web pages modified by a search.

Download the free Trial Version today and see what Alert WildCard can do for you!

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